Con Academy

by Joe Schreiber

Teenaged Will Shea’s life has been a series of unfortunate events from the start, but now, he’s decided to take matters into his own hands and enroll at the prestigious Connaughton Academy -- and is accepted! If this turn in luck seems too good to be true, it is. You see, Will has conned his way into the Academy with forged transcripts and a very elaborate backstory. It worked because Will learned from the best -- his father, a lifelong con artist. When Will meets Andrea Dufresne, a fellow student who has also lied her way into Connaughton and sees through Will’s deception, he fears that his days as a privileged prep school kid may be numbered.

Dark Days Club

by Alison Goodman

London, 1812. Eighteen-year-old Lady Helen Wrexhall is about to debut at the royal court of George III. Her life should be all gowns, dancing, and finding a husband, but Helen wants no part of the life that’s been arranged for her. She’d rather spend time investigating what really happened to her mother, who died labeled a traitor.

Searching for answers, she meets Lord Carlston, a man with a past who introduces her to the dark side of London where murderous demons known as Deceivers roam the streets. Only those called Reclaimers can destroy them. And, as she comes to find out, Helen is one of these rare Reclaimers. She has no obligation join the club of Reclaimers, but she is most certainly expected to make a good marriage and bring honor to her family. Read “Dark Days Club” to find out which life Lady Helen chooses!

Never Always Sometimes

by Adi Alsaid

Julia and Dave have been friends since middle school, and the story begins in their final weeks as high school seniors. In the depths of his messy locker, Dave discovers a crumpled paper -- a forgotten pact he and Julia had made nearly 4 years earlier containing a list of things they swore they’d never do as the typical cliche high school student. The list contains things like attending parties with all of the “cool kids,” dying your hair any shade of the rainbow, and especially, never falling in love with your best friend. Unfortunately, the last item proves to be difficult for Dave, as he’s been secretly pining away for Julia for years. In a last hurrah/social experiment, Dave and Julia decide to tackle some of the items on their “nevers” list, and in the process, realize the true meaning of “never say never.”