Duels and Deception

by Cindy Anstey

Lydia Whitfield, the young heiress of her family’s fortune and the Roseberry estate, knows exactly what her future holds: marriage to the man her father chose before he passed away. Yet when she meets her solicitor’s law clerk Robert Newton, she begins to wonder whether all of her carefully laid plans really are the true desire of her heart. In this mystery within a historical regency romance, Lydia and Robert soon find themselves entangled in a very strange and compromising situation together (aghast!) after they are unexpectedly kidnapped. Robert develops a tendre for Lydia’s beauty, and his admiration for her humourous determination grows as he tries to keep her from danger and continues to rescue her from plunging headlong into a loveless match with Lord Aldershot. With Robert’s help Lydia races to find out who is behind the threatening blackmail letters she is receiving and along the way gets caught up in intrigue, conspiracy and duels. Amusing, clever and compelling, this novel is a hilarious romp set in 1817 and a sweetly satisfying romance. Will Lydia and Robert find true love in time?


by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Kiko has never felt comfortable looking different than everyone else in her Nebraska town. A product of divorce, Kiko lives with her blonde-and-blue-eyed mother, who never seems to accept Kiko’s Japanese heritage and physical features. Kiko’s dreams of escape include going to art school in New York, far away from her emotionally distant mom.

When things don’t go exactly as planned, Kiko is forced to confront her issues with anxiety, her dysfunctional family, and learning to stand on her own for the first time. Starfish is a moving and emotional journey of one young woman’s quest to find herself and her independence as she approaches adulthood.

For Every One

by Jason Reynolds

For Every One is a beautiful and succinct novel in verse. It was originally performed for the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and later as a tribute to Walter Dean Myers. For Every One is an inspirational ode to the Dreamer -- a novel for everyone. It offers hopeful words for every one person and for every one dream, but especially for every one kid.

This latest offering from New York Times best-selling author Jason Reynolds, a self-professed dreamer, is beautiful in both style and content with its vivid pages and sparse, powerful text.

For Every One
makes a great gift for the new graduate heading into the world with big dreams.