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Now Accepting Applications for 2024 Plots

Location: 560 Bird St.

Plots at the Bird Park Community Garden measure 10' X 10'. Priority will be given to residents of the City of Wadsworth and Wadsworth Township, on a first come, first served basis.

Plots are rented from the time your application is approved through November 20, 2024. On-site compost and wildflower pollinator gardens are maintained by the Garden Committee with the assistance of all gardeners.

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Garden Details


Our Garden Committee is made up of experienced gardeners who are committed to helping you succeed as you learn the ropes. Whether you're an experienced gardener yourself or planting for the very first time, there is a place for all skill levels at the Bird Park Community Garden.


A single, 10' X 10' garden plot costs $25 per season. Ability to pay, based on income, will be considered on a case by case basis. Pre-payments are not accepted. Billing information will be provided at the time of plot assignment.


Water is provided by the City of Wadsworth. Each gardener is responsible for watering their individual plot.


The garden site is located just north of the water tower at New Bird Park, 560 Bird St., in the City of Wadsworth. It's a wide open area with lots of sunshine and close proximity to a City-provided water source.


Based on initial soil testing, the soil has been amended with a base fertilizer application. Gardeners are welcome to conduct nutrient tests on their plot and/or add fertilizers as desired.


Gardeners are responsible for fencing their own individual plots with chick wire or some other temporary structure.


Plots have been reserved by the Garden Committee for a combination of native wildflowers (supporting pollinators) and composting sites. Only debris cleared from the gardens may be placed in the shared composting sites.

Planting Restrictions

Gardeners are prohibited from growing plants or building trellises that exceed 6' in height.

Pesticides & Herbecides

Use of chemicals is strictly prohibited. Situations calling for pest or disease remediation will require the review and prior approval of the Garden Committee.

Bird Park Garden Committee

Gary Barnard

Brandin Bozsik

Bo Eck

Sandy Papp

David G. Williams

Kammy Willis

Daniel Slife (Wadsworth Public Library liason)

Contact the Bird Park Garden Committee

Name: Sandy Papp

Phone: (330) 603-3684

Email: sandypapp at yahoo dot com