How Do I Check Out A Toy at the Wadsworth Public Library?

  1. Browse the toy catalogue* and make your selection by the Toy Inventory Number, “TL”. 
  2. Complete a Toy Request Form found inside the front pocket of the catalogue. Print your name, address, etc. and also the toy inventory number(s) and name of toy(s). Sign the form and give it to the children’s librarian for processing. 
  3. Your toy order will be available for pick up within four (4) working days of SHC receiving your request. Toy inventory is maintained at the SHC office on Paradise Road in Seville. If any of the toy(s) requested are unavailable, SHC staff will contact you. 
  4. Toys can be borrowed for two (2) weeks. If you would like to renew, please call SHC to be sure there is no pending reservation. 
  5. Toys are disinfected and pieces are counted prior to the toy check-out process. Each toy is also examined for damage or lost parts. 
  6. We trust that you will care for the toys while they are in your possession; however, we understand that accidents do happen. If the toy is broken or any pieces are missing, please return the item and we will make every attempt to either repair it or use the pieces for spare parts for another toy. 
  7. Return all toys to the library in the bag or container provided. 

*Any toy that has small pieces has the word “Caution” in the toy description and may not be suitable for some children. Please exercise concern when requesting these toys.

Toy Request Form