This year we are joining communities and oranizations across the country by celebrating Screen Free Week 2019! We hope to bring awareness to the importance of unplugging from our digital devices and reconnecting with the people and world around us. 

Everyday during Screen Free Week, you can stop in at the Library and participate in hands-on projects for all ages. 

Join us during the First Friday event on May 3rd and participate in Downtown Game Night from 5-9p.m.

Children & Families
4/29: Weave with straws & complete mazes
4/30: Clothespin puppets & washi tape rain sticks
5/1: Lincoln Logs, puzzles and scrapbooking (bring your own photos)
5/2: Craft stick harmonicas & straw wind pipes
5/3: Poetry & Paper Mice

April 29-May 3; card games and board games in the LOFT (3-8pm)

Adults - puzzles in the magazine area

Special Event: stop in during the First Friday event on May 3 from 5-9pm and participate in Downtown Game Night!

For more information about Screen Free Week, visit;