Music and Movement

Winter Sessions:

Fridays at 10am

December 16

January 20

February 17

All Ages

No Registration Required

Music fuels the mind!
There is a direct link between music and the development of language skills in children. Music activates the part of a child's brain that helps them to develop language and kids who are exposed to music at a young age often have stronger vocabularies and language skills.

Our Music & Movement program features songs that encourage practice in:

  • Motor skills
  • Coordination
  • Listening skills

In addition to doing a lot of dancing, we read stories, act out fingerplays and practice concepts like:

  • Letter recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Directions (left/right/up/down).

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to engage and participate with their children.

For more information, please call the Children’s, Youth & Outreach Services Department at 330.335.1295.