I Represent Sean Rosen

by Jeff Baron

What happens when you have a really good idea that you want a big time Hollywood studio to listen to, but you’re only 13 years old? This is the dilemma of Sean Rosen. He knows his idea is golden, but isn’t sure how to get it to the people that can make a difference. An agent? A manager? Sean is determined to get his idea out there and tries many creative and hilarious ways to do it. Join Sean’s adventure as he meets with some success but must decide if the sacrifices he’d have to make would be worth it. Review by Sandy Reed

Zeraffa Giraffa

by Dianne Hofmeyr

The Great Pasha of Egypt wanted to give a gift to the King of France. It was decided a young giraffe would make a perfect gift. Atir, a young servant boy, was selected to be her keeper and given a map to get her to Paris. The journey begins on a felucca (a small boat) up the river past the Sphinx, to the sea, across the sea bound for France, to a long 550 mile walk to Paris. As the news of the giraffe spreads, the people of France travel to get a glimpse of the first giraffe in France. Read this to learn the rest of the journey and how Zeffera lives in Paris. Be sure to read “About the Real Zeffera” to learn more about the journey of Atir and Zeffera this story is based on. This book is illustrated by Jane Ray with her characteristic style of rich colors and intricate detail. Review by Loretta Sussman

Great Escapes, True Stories

by Judy Dodge Cummings

If your student likes action and adventure, they will love this collection of true short stories about daring escapes. There are five short stories ; the story of William and Ellen Craft, slaves who fled the south by ingenious disguise, Douglas Mawson who became trapped in the icy waters of Antarctica, Simon Gronowski, a 12-year-old Jew who escaped a Nazi train car headed for Auschwitz, the story of three inmates who escaped the notorious Alcatraz prison, and a story about a daring escape under the Berlin Wall from communist-controlled East Germany. Written in clear, concise language this will attract avid and reluctant readers alike! Review by Laurie Doran