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Humanimal: Incredible Ways Animals are Just Like Us!

by Christopher Lloyd

There are some things that humans do that animals don’t, but there are many similarities between animals and humans. The author discusses the things humans and animals have in common such as teamwork, having fun, and grieving. The books has beautiful illustrations and lots of interesting facts.

The Bear Must Go On

by Dev Petty

Bear and his woodland friends decide to put on a show. Bear is the note taker, writing down all that they need. On the evening of the show, the animal friends realize that they have forgotten something very important. Can shy Bear come to the rescue?

Gold Rush Girl

by Avi

In 1848 Tory stows away on a ship carrying her father and younger brother to the Gold Rush fields in California. There, she finds a world very different from her home in Rhode Island. When Tory’s brother, Jacob, vanishes, Tory begins a treacherous search. This is an exciting historical fiction novel for middle grade and late elementary students.