Finding Perfect

by Elly Swartz

Molly Nathans loves her family and friends, poetry slams, her glass figurines, and neatness and order. As the school year progresses, and Molly worries that her mom who is living and working in Canada, may not come back home, her counting and cleaning habits begin to spiral out of control. Molly knows that spending hours getting ready for school and counting by fours inside her head are not really normal, but she doesn’t know what to do about it or who to tell. This is a heartwarming story about a girl’s struggle for understanding and healing. Review by Donna Gnatowski

Sneezy the Snowman

by Maureen Wright

This is a fun picture book to read aloud with children. The easy, repetitive rhymes promote participation as we see Sneezy try to find ways to warm up with less than desirable consequences. His children friends help him figure out the perfect place between hot and cold. Preschool through early elementary kids love figuring out the silliness of this book. Review by Laurie Reeves

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast

by Josh Funk

Kids’ favorite breakfast foods turn competitive when they learn the syrup is almost gone. There is a fun, colorful race through the refrigerator that leaves our friends tired and messy. In the end they learn a good lesson about sharing instead of fighting. The creative rhyming promotes new vocabulary and the fold out page at the end is a nice treasure for kids to explore. Review by Laurie Reeves