Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

August 13 from 10:00am to 11:00am

We often think of time as our most precious resource, but what about attention? How much of our lives do we spend lost in thought – disconnected from our life happening right in front of us? The practice of mindfulness allows us to reclaim our attention and live life more purposefully. Come learn how mindfulness can help improve focus, strengthen relationships, build better habits, and foster well-being. This six-week course is designed to introduce mindfulness practices in a simple and clear progression to integrate mindfulness into your life. For adults ages 18 and up. People of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome.

By registering for this first session you will be registered for the following 5 weekly sessions (total of 6 meetings starting July 23 and ending August 27, 2022). Please contact the reference desk at 330-334-5761 with any questions.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Program Adult Programs
Location Meeting Room A
Ages 18+-
Registration Ended 08/12/22
Status Closed

Please Note
Set up small white folding table by one of the chairs from now on