The Jealousy of Dionysus - Can you Escape?

July 12 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Wadsworth library has its first show, Gods of the Theatre, in just a few weeks. Rehearsal starts today! T. Hespis (aka Thespis) has just been cast as the lead in the show. Unfortunately, Dion Ysus (aka Dionysus) was up for the part too. In anger, Dion Ysus has locked all of the scripts in a box. Your job is to get them out in time for the first rehearsal!

The Jealousy of Dionysus - Can you Escape?
Program Student Programs
Location Meeting Room A
Ages 12-18
Department Children's, Youth & Outreach Services
Contact Number 330.335.1295
Registration Ended 07/13/18
Status Closed