Cold Case: Poe's Tell Tale Heart - Can You Escape?

October 12 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Today’s cold case investigation involves a homicide that occurred over 150 years ago, documented in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart.” The suspect’s family has recently been haunted by the old man’s ghost and has asked our agency to re-examine the evidence and close the case for good. There’s no dispute regarding whether or not our suspect killed the old man. He confessed! Your task is to determine if the violence was a result of a insanity or a murderous plot. Failure to solve the case, unlock the box and finally put this homicide to “rest” in the given time may cause the old man’s ghost to seek revenge on the family.. and you!

Cold Case: Poe's Tell Tale Heart - Can You Escape?
Program Student Programs
Location Meeting Room A
Ages 12-17
Department Children's, Youth & Outreach Services
Contact Number 330.335.1295
Registration Ended 10/13/17
Status Closed