Midnight in Mexico : a reporter's journey through a country's descent into the darkness

Penguin Books

Author Corchado, Alfredo
Description xv, 288 pages
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references (pages 275-278) and index.
ISBN 9780143125532, 0143125532
Subject Drug traffic, Organized crime, Investigative reporting
Location Main Library Adult
Status Available


Since 2006, more than seventy thousand people have been killed in the Mexican drug war. In a country where the powerful are rarely scrutinized, noted Mexican American journalist Alfredo Corchado continues to report on government corruption, murders in Juarez, and the ruthless drug cartels of Mexico. In 2007, Corchado received a tip that he could be their next target. Rather than leave his country, Corchado went out into the Mexican countryside to investigate the threat. As he frantically contacted his sources, Corchado suspected the threat was his punishment for returning to Mexico against his mother's wishes--a curse. His parents had fled north and raised their children in California, but Corchado returned as a journalist in 1994, convinced that Mexico would one day overcome its pervasive corruption. But in this land of extremes, the gap of inequality--and injustice--remains wide. Even after the 2000 election put Mexico's opposition party in power for the first time, the long-awaited defeat created a vacuum of power. The cartels went to war with one another in the mid-2000s, while President Felipe Calderón tried in vain to stop the bloodshed. Meanwhile, the work Corchado lives for could kill him, but he's not ready to leave Mexico--not yet, maybe never.