The realms of God


Author Livingston, Michael
Edition First edition
Description 349 pages
ISBN 9780765380357, 0765380358
Subject Ark of the Covenant, Good and evil, Imaginary wars and battles
Location Main Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy
Status Available


"The Ark of the Covenant is in flight, spirited out of Egypt to Petra, the legendary, rose-red city of stone. But dark forces are in pursuit. Three demons, inadvertently unleashed by Juba of Numidia and the daughter of Cleopatra, are in league with Tiberius, son and heir of Augustus Caesar. They've seized two of the fabled Shards of Heaven, and are desperately hunting the rest. Through war and assassination, from Rome to the fabled Temple Mount of Jerusalem and on to the very gates of Heaven itself, the forces of good and evil will collide in a climactic battle that threatens the very fabric of Creation. The Realms of God is the third book in a triptych of historical fantasy that continues the story begun in The Shards of Heaven and The Gates of Hell. Michael Livingston, a well-known medieval scholar, has crafted a thrilling conclusion" --