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Adult Summer Reading Book Reviews

Lights All Night Long

by Lydia Fitzpatrick

A book review by patron, Aimee Shaffer.

Amazing novel. I absolutely loved it. Beautiful prose and superb character development. I highly recommend it.

November 9

by Colleen Hoover

A book review by patron, Catherine Chudakoff.

This author has done it again! It’s a classic love story with a huge plot twist. The book focuses on two main characters, a guy and a girl and how their lives are secretly connected to one another. The female character suffered from a fire that almost took her life but instead left her with scars to tell the story. The male character’s story is slow throughout the book until the author throws a curveball that changes everything. I always enjoy the plot twists Colleen throws the readers. This book ended with a happily ever after which I appreciate. If that’s your style this is the book for you!

Draw the Circle

by Mark Batterson

A book review by patron, Aimee Shaffer.

As you can tell I took my time reading this journal. I wanted to give each entry a chance to sink in and percolate. I can’t recommend this enough for new and “old” Christians alike. It’s scripturally based and incredibly motivating and encouraging. Reading it will change your prayer life.