Vacancies on the Board, created through resignation or an inability to serve, will be handled as follows:

     1. Application forms will be available atall service desks and on the Library’s website.

     2. The vacancy will be advertised in newspapers, on the Library’s website, and/or by press release. Appropriate application deadlines will be set to insure a timely filling of the vacancy.

     3. The Executive Committee of the Board will review all applications, taking into consideration the qualifications as defined in the bylaws.

     4. Those applicants deemed qualified will be interviewed by the Executive Committee; the full Board will also receive copies of the interviewees’ applications.

     5. The Executive Committee will submit to the full Board the name(s) of the person/persons to be recommended for appointment; upon formal vote of the full Board, the name(s) will be forwarded to the Wadsworth City Board of Education for legal appointment to the Library Board.

     6. Training of the new trustee(s) will be the responsibility of the Library Director and the vice president of the Library Board.

adopted: 4/15/1991 | revised: 5/17/1993, 8/16/2004, 1/1/2018