The Wadsworth Public Library is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information contained in the Library’s various computer software and systems used in the regular course of business. This policy is adopted in accordance with Chapter 1347 of the Ohio Revised Code.

All Library employees are responsible for protecting confidential personal information from unauthorized disclosure whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental; therefore all employees must comply with this policy. The Library collects personal information such as social security numbers, email addresses, health information, bank account numbers, etc. Personal information may only be accessed by employees who have a legitimate and  authorized work-related purpose that is determined by the Director.

The Library reserves the right to review any information on an employee’s computer system to determine if there has been any breach of security, violation of policy or misuse of resources.

A Library employee who accesses, uses, or discloses confidential personal information without authorization will be subject to legal action as appropriate. Violation of this policy by an employee may also lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. If/When confidential documents have reached the conclusion of their retention periods, authorized personnel will ensure a safe and secure method of disposal.

The Library constitutes the following as a partial list of reasons to access confidential personal information by a Library employee:

     - Responding to a public records request

     - Providing services to patrons regarding their accounts

     - Handling responsibilities related to the human resources function for employees

     - Complying with state or federal program requirements

     - Investigation or law enforcement purposes as permitted under Ohio’s laws
regarding the confidentiality of library records.

     - Complying with Library policy

Should an employee need to access personal information for a reason other than that stated above, the employee needs to obtain permission from the Director prior to doing so.

adopted: 6/20/2011 | revised: 1/1/2018