4.2.1 Donation of Materials

     A. Gifts of books, movies / films, periodicals, and other Library materials are reviewed for possible inclusion in the collection, utilizing the Library’s Materials Selection Policy.

     B. Gifts of library materials are accepted with the understanding that the Library may at any time discard them in any way it deems necessary.

     C. The Library cannot make any monetary appraisal of gift materials. The quantity of items will be acknowledged for tax purposes at the request of the donor.

     D. The Library Director shall have the responsibility for the refusal or acceptance of any potential donations of art, furnishings, or other hard goods after consultation with the chair of the Building and Equipment Committee, if necessary.

4.2.2 Donation of Money

     A. The Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of the Wadsworth Public Library Foundation and encourages donors to direct monetary donations to the Foundation.

     B. Gifts of money for the purchase of library materials, including memorial and honorific gifts, are accepted by the Foundation and the Library with the understanding that the Library retains the right to select material it deems appropriate for its collection. Suggestions for purchase, particularly as related to the interests of the deceased or honoree, are always welcome.

     C. Large monetary gifts in the form of direct donations or bequests are always welcome. Individuals considering such gifts are encouraged to speak to the Library Director.

4.2.3 Donor Recognition

     A. Memorial or honorific gift plates will be placed on books or other library materials upon the request of the donor.

     B. A donor recognition plaque will be maintained in a public area of the Library. It will display the names of individuals or organizations who have donated $500.00 or more to either the Library Foundation or the Library. It may also display the names of individuals or organizations that the Board of Trustees feels deserving for reasons other than gifts of money. The plaque will be maintained by the Library Staff and will be updated whenever necessary.

     C. The Library will display individual plaques to identify significant pieces of art, listing the artist and the name of the piece, if known.

     D. A list of the names of all donors will be maintained by the Library staff.

     E. Written acknowledgment of accepted donations is the responsibility of the Library

adopted: 6/19/1989 | revised: 10/21/1991, 8/16/2004, 1/1/2018