In the daily workings of the Library, there are instances when a credit card must be used to charge Library expenditures. With the consent of the Board of Trustees, the Fiscal Officer is authorized to establish and maintain a credit card account for making Library purchases when more traditional methods of payment are impossible, impractical or untimely.

The credit card account will be in the name of the Library and the Fiscal Officer. The credit limit for the account will be $5,000. The credit card will be secured in the Administration Office, signed out by authorized users, and returned immediately after use.

Prior to making a credit card purchase, a requisition is to be created and signed by the Director and the funds encumbered by purchase order.

Also prior to purchase, the user must request a Blanket Exemption Certificate from the Fiscal Officer. The certificate must be presented at the time of purchase to ensure them vendor does not charge state sales tax on the purchase.

The Fiscal Officer is further authorized to establish credit accounts with businesses from which the Library will make purchases on a continuing basis.

4.1.1 Authorized Users

The Director will designate those employees that shall be authorized users. Before using a Library credit card, authorized users must sign a copy of the Credit Card User Agreement located at the end of this Policy.

Users are responsible to safeguard the credit card against loss, theft of public funds, or
unauthorized use. Users will immediately notify the Director and Fiscal Officer if the
credit card is lost, stolen or compromised. Notification must be given to the Library Board
at its next meeting.

The authorized user will deliver receipts for all purchases charged to the credit card to the
Fiscal Officer. The user is liable for purchases made to the credit card if the proper
documentation is not submitted.

No interest, carrying charges, or penalties are to be incurred as the result of late payments.
The user will be responsible for these charges if they are incurred as a result of the improper submission of supporting documentation.

No employee of the Library may personally benefit from any kind of reward program offered through the use of the Library credit card, i.e. frequent flyer miles or cash back rewards. Any rewards for the usage of the credit card are the property of the Library.

Any misuse of a Library credit card may be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment and referral to criminal and/or civil prosecution.

4.1.2 Prohibited Purchases

Library credit cards must be used for a proper Library purpose and personal use of Library
credit cards is strictly prohibited.

Credit cards shall not be used to circumvent the general purchasing procedures established by state law and Board policy.

The following list serves as examples of the types of items that may not be purchased with
Library credit cards:

     1. Purchases from Library employees, their spouses or children

     2. Purchases from business concerns of which an employee (or an employee's spouse
or child) is a sole or principal owner

     3. Purchases from corporations of which an employee (or an employee's spouse or child) is a major officer or primary employee

     4. Cash advances

     5. Consultants

     6. Imported goods that must go through customs

This policy cannot cover every issue; therefore, authorized users should use common sense and good judgement in the use of taxpayer dollars.

4.1.3 Credit Card Review

A Trustee will review the credit card statements on a quarterly basis to ensure compliance
with Board policies and internal procedures.

adopted: 8/16/2004 | revised: 1/1/2018

Credit Card User Agreement

I, _______________________________________, have read and understand the Credit
Card and Charge Account Use Policy and agree to adhere to the requirements contained

Signed ________________________________________ Date ________________