The Wadsworth Public Library will provide reference service to all its patrons on an equal,
nondiscriminatory, and nonjudgmental basis without regard to the race, national origin,
age, gender, sexual orientation, background, appearance or personal view of the patron
making the inquiry or the subject matter being researched. With few exceptions, patrons
do not need to be registered Wadsworth Public Library cardholders to use library facilities
or reference materials and services. A current Wadsworth Public library card may be
required in order for the patron to use certain library resources including the Library's
public computers.

This policy is intended to provide basic guidance to those who deliver reference services.
Reference service is to be delivered by a professional, knowledgeable staff. Every request
for reference service is considered legitimate

3.4.1 Confidentiality of Reference Queries

The Library recognizes that its records that identify the names of library users and any
materials, reference queries, requests, computer searches or other library services
associated with a specific user's account are confidential.

This information will be disclosed only upon the written request or consent of the
individual(s) or group(s) whose library privileges are directly affected, pursuant to a proper
court order or as required by local, state or federal law.

Library staff will immediately refer any request for information regarding reference
transactions to the Library Director. The Director, upon receipt of a court order, shall
provide such information as allowed by law.

3.4.2 Medical, Legal and Tax Questions

Staff may not respond to medical, legal or tax questions. Staff may cite a source or invite a
patron to use the Library's resources in person. Staff must not offer advice, interpretation,
recommendation, opinion or personal experience, which is the domain of trained legal,
medical or financial professionals. The staff may suggest that the patron contact an
attorney or medical practitioner, an appropriate government agency or nonprofit
organization, or other libraries for assistance.

adopted: 9/16/2013 | revised: 1/1/2018