The primary purpose of the Wadsworth Public Library's gathering spaces is to provide space for library and library-related activities. The needs of the Library will take precedence. In the case of Meeting Rooms, the needs of the Library, the Friends of Wadsworth Public Library and the Wadsworth Public Library Foundation will take precedence.

3.3.1       Meeting Rooms

Community groups and sponsors of educational and cultural events are welcome to use the meeting rooms subject to availability and adherence to the following policies and guidelines.

Applications for use of a meeting room may be made up to three (3) months in advance with the following exceptions:

  1. Annual special events: Use of the room for single occasion events occurring annually may be made no more than one (1) year in advance.
  2. Wadsworth-area community groups who make regular, monthly use of the Library as their meeting place may reserve the facility for an entire year at a time to facilitate their program schedule.

All applications must be approved by the Library Director or designee. Requests may be submitted at or by calling Adult & Multimedia Services. Persons requesting use of the meeting rooms must have a Wadsworth Public Library card in good standing.

The meeting rooms are available during normal Library operating hours and are provided free of charge for non-commercial purposes. In limited circumstances meetings may extend one hour beyond the closing time of the Library, provided that arrangements are made in advance. 

Meetings or programs planned by a company or individual to promote, advertise, or lead (directly or indirectly) to the sale of a product or service are not permitted. 

Meeting rooms are not available for private parties or meetings of a strictly social nature unless sponsored by the Library, the Friends of the Library, or the Library Foundation.

Meetings and programs must be open to the public and free of charge. The person making the room reservation, who must be an adult, is responsible for the orderly conduct of the group, and in the event of any damage to library property and/or equipment that individual will be liable. Young children accompanying adult users of the meeting room shall not be left unattended in the Library.

Refreshments may be served if the portion of the meeting room to be used includes the sink and counter area. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Groups wishing to serve refreshments must obtain prior written approval, are responsible for providing all serving utensils, and for cleaning up following their meeting. The Library reserves the right to deny a group’s request to serve refreshments.

Storage of personal property, equipment and/or supplies is not permitted in the Library.

The name, address, or telephone number of the Library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization other than the Friends of the Wadsworth Public Library and the Wadsworth Public Library Foundation.

The name, address, and phone number of the person reserving the room is a matter of public record. Upon request, this information will be shared with anyone seeking to contact that individual or the group he/she represents.

Library audiovisual equipment is available only upon prior reservation and only to groups which have an experienced operator or which make arrangements in advance for training by Library staff.

The Library's piano is available for use by non-commercial groups using the meeting room, by piano/voice teachers to hold recitals of their students, and for student practice. A piano/voice teacher and/or student must hold a valid Wadsworth Public Library card. The piano is tuned annually; if special tuning is requested, the Library will arrange for that service and charge the cost to the requesting organization.

Library staff will provide set up/break down services (chairs, tables, and other equipment) if requested in advance.  Groups using the meeting room are not permitted to perform this function on their own.  If a group fails to request the set up in advance the Library cannot guarantee timely set-up.

The Library reserves the right to deny use of the meeting rooms to any organization or individual. The Library also reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting or to limit the frequency of use by a single group

The use of the meeting room by a group does not imply endorsement by the Wadsworth Public Library of the policies or purposes of the group. Meeting room use must not be publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship. Use of the Wadsworth Public Library logo to promote events or organizations which have not received prior written authorization by the Library Director is strictly forbidden.

The Library Board of Trustees and the Library staff do not assume any liability for groups or for individuals attending any meeting or program in the Library.

3.3.2       Study Rooms

The purpose of the Library’s study rooms is to provide a place for individuals and small groups of six or fewer to engage in inquiry, homework, study, and tutoring by providing access to study rooms during regular library hours, as availability permits. Use of study rooms is limited to non-commercial purposes.

Two study rooms are available, one on the first floor and one on the second floor. Patrons wishing to use the study rooms are subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Study rooms are available to registered patrons ages 15 and older who possess a Wadsworth Public Library card in good standing.
  2. Study rooms are available for small groups to work at no cost. No instruction or tutoring fees may be charged to members of the study group.
  3. Study rooms may only be scheduled on the day of use. Patrons may do so by contacting either the Reference Desk (for the first floor study room) or the Children’s Desk (for the second floor study room).
  4. Water bottles with a water-tight lid are permitted. All other food and beverages are prohibited.

3.3.3       Gathering Spaces

Tables and chairs are provided throughout the Library for members of the public to engage in reading, research, inquiry, homework, study and the general pursuit of lifelong curiosity and learning.

The open gathering spaces of the Library provide an alternative venue for uses not permitted under the Meeting Room or Study Room policy provisions, insofar as those uses conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Open gathering spaces may not be utilized for group meetings involving multimedia presentations.
  2. Conversational volume is kept to a low level, respectful of nearby patrons.
  3. Open gathering spaces are not an appropriate venue for conducting job interviews, the provision of social services or therapeutic processes. When such space needs serve a governmental or non-profit purpose, a Meeting Room may be requested according to the above Meeting Room policy provision.  

adopted: 12/20/2004 | revised: 9/21/2009, 1/1/2018, 9/19/2022