3.1.1 Purpose

The Wadsworth Public Library Bulletin Board and information rack are available for the
posting of information related to educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities
and events. The presence of a poster, brochure, flyer, or any other notice in the Library
does not necessarily indicate that the Library either advocates or endorses the viewpoints

3.1.2 Conditions for Display

     A. Designated staff shall review items to be posted in the Library to determine
compliance with this policy. The initial decision may be appealed to the Library
Director. The Director’s decision may be appealed in writing to the Library Board of
Trustees who shall make the final determination at its next regularly scheduled

     B. Materials to be displayed should be delivered to the Patron Service Desk.Designated staff or volunteers will post approved materials on the bulletin boardand information rack. The Library will remove items that have not been posted by the Library designees.

     C. Materials must conform to the space and time restrictions listed in 3.1.3.

     D. Approved materials will be assigned one of three categories listed in 3.1.3 and placed in the appropriate section of the bulletin board or in the information rack.

     E. Designated staff or volunteers will remove materials as they become outdated and
will remove those items that have been posted for an excessive amount of time.
The Library cannot be responsible for their return.

3.1.3 Arrangement of Bulletin Board

     A. The bulletin board shall be divided into three sections.

          1. Library news: This section shall be reserved for materials related to the
Wadsworth Public Library, the Friends of the Wadsworth Public Library, and
the Wadsworth Public Library Foundation.
a.Materials will periodically be rotated and/or discarded

          2. Community Organizations, Events and Services: This section shall be
reserved for non-profit and/or public services that are of interest to the
general public and provide information about sources of help for the
community, such as non-profit referral organizations, educational
opportunities, and government assistance notices. In addition, materials,
such as notices of coming events sponsored by area organizations, and
announcements of concert, theater, and recreation events may also be
placed in this area.

               a.Materials will periodically be rotated and/or discarded.

               b.Materials may not be posted any earlier than one month prior to the
event and will be removed and discarded after the event.

          3. Classifieds: This section shall serve as a “Want Ad” section and will be used
to display notices of available or needed goods and services.

               a.Notices shall be posted on library classified forms, which are
available at the Main Desk; no business cards or ads other than the
forms will be allowed

               b.Materials will be dated with the day of the posting and will be
discarded on a “first on, first off” schedule

     B. No individual item to be displayed shall exceed 18" X 24".

     C. Materials will be considered eligible for display in the information rack if they fall under the general guidelines listed above and are available in quantity.

adopted: 8/16/1993 | revised: 8/16/2004, 1/1/2018