A Teacher Loan library card will be issued to any teacher upon request. If the teacher is
currently registered for a personal library card it must be in good standing. Upon
determination of eligibility for a Teacher Loan library card, any existing personal library
card will be changed to a Teacher Loan card. The teacher loan application must be signed
by the teacher’s building administrator. In the case of a home school educator, the
individual must present a copy of the “excused from school attendance” letter received
from the appropriate school district superintendent.

Teacher Loan cards will expire one year from the date of registration or renewal. The
Teacher Loan card may be renewed if the teacher or school provides proof of teaching
assignment for the new school year. The Library will receive teaching rosters from
Wadsworth City Schools to facilitate the renewal process of Wadsworth teaching staff.

Teacher Loan cards that have accumulated fines or fees exceeding the maximum fine/fee
threshold for borrowing will be blocked in accordance with standard procedures.

A Teacher Loan is for 30 days for print juvenile books. All other items are subject to
standard loan periods. Teachers may request extended loan periods for other items on a
case-by-case basis, subject to the approval of authorized staff.

All materials checked out on the Teacher Loan card are the responsibility of the teacher.
Damaged, lost, or stolen materials are the financial obligation of the teacher. When a
Teacher Loan is four weeks overdue, the teacher will be billed for the cost of replacement
of those materials.

Teacher Loan cards are fine-free for print juvenile books. Applicable overdue fees apply for all other material types.

adopted: 12/20/2004 | revised: 11/19/2007, 5/18/2009, 8/15/2011, 1/1/2018