2022 Levy Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Library on the ballot this year?

This is a renewal of a 1-mill, 5-year operating levy first approved by voters in 2012 and renewed in 2016. The current levy will expire at the end of 2022. If the levy is not approved by voters this November, the Library will lose $701,400 per year, roughly 24% of annual operating revenue.

How much will the levy cost me and for how long?

This is not a new tax. The levy will cost the owner of a property with an appraised value of $100,000 just $2.33 per month. It will raise an estimated $701,400 per year, which currently accounts for roughly 24% of the Library’s annual operating revenue. 

How will the funds be spent?

This funding helps us to sustain investment in vital early and lifelong literacy programming, and services, as well as ongoing investments in collections (books, movies, music, e-books, and other digital media) and technologies that help to close the digital divide. Funds will also allow us to continue operating and maintaining the library building itself. With sections of the building ranging from 20 to 65 years in age, adequate funding is needed to address preventative maintenance needs and preserve the community’s investment in the facility.

What will happen if the levy is not approved?

If the levy is not approved, it will be impossible for the Library to operate as it does today beyond 2023. Cutbacks will be considered, including (but not limited to) the following: hours of operation, circulating (books, movies, music) and downloadable materials (e-books, digital resources), programming, community outreach, and other operating expenses. Expenditures in preventative maintenance and upkeep of the facility would also be considered.

What benefit does the Library bring to our community?

The value of the Wadsworth Public Library begins with the value of reading. Students who cultivate a lifelong love of reading have greater outcomes in academic, professional, and civic life. Adults who make reading a life-long habit strengthen their memory and mental fitness. The quality of life in our community is enhanced by making life-long learning and reading as accessible as possible to all residents.

When residents utilize the Library’s collections, programs, services, and meeting spaces, they save money on their family’s household learning and entertainment budgets. Borrowing only two to three books, movies or music CDs per year will recoup your investment on the 1-mill levy currently under consideration; representing real value measured to your family’s bottom line. 

I have more questions. Who can I speak with?

Please contact Daniel Slife, Director, at 330-335-1299 or by email at