Daniel Slife

Director | 330.335.1299

The Director is responsible for leadership and overall administration of the Library and reports directly to the Library’s Board of Trustees, providing policy and planning recommendations and administrative guidance. Financially, this is achieved through cooperation with the Fiscal Officer in the development and management of operating budgets and long-range financial forecasts. The development and on-going management of daily and long-range operations are achieved through collaboration with department managers and with the leadership support of the Deputy Director.

The Administration works with Committees fo the Board of Trustees, whose members provide oversight and insight in key areas through the following standing committees:

  • Auditing and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Building & Equipment

Additionally, Wadsworth Public Library operates under the direction of a strategic plan, updated every 3 to 4 years, with input from patrons and other stakeholders.

Nicole Moore

Deputy Director | 330.335.1295

The Deputy Director supports the overall administration of the Library, its programs, collections, services and operations and serves as the Director in his/her absence. In addition, this position serves as Manager of Children’s, Youth & Outreach Services (CYOS) and is responsible for leadership in the Library’s growing area of services to children from birth through high-school age, as well as outreach services to patrons of all ages. The CYOS department works closely with local partners in education, child care, and adult assisted living, to name a few, to develop engaging programs which staff deliver out in the community.

Patty Moutes

Business Manager / Fiscal Officer | 330.335.1297

The Business Manager / Fiscal Officer reports directly to the Library’s Board of Trustees and is charged with ensuring the Library’s fiscal operations meet the standards of public finance management as established by law and regulatory bodies. In cooperation with the Director, the Business Manager / Fiscal Officer develops annual operating budgets for presentation to the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Business Manager / Fiscal Officer also oversees the daily operations of the administrative office, including accounts received and payable, payroll, inventory and other controls and procedures related to expenditure and account of public resources.

Susan Brown

Manager, Circulation & Automation Services | 330.335.2607

The Manager of Circulation & Automation Services is responsible for managing the Library’s material backbone: the preparation, circulation and life-cycle of collections for borrowers. The department also serves as the most common first-point of contact for patrons entering the Library facility.

Tim Laino

Manager, Systems & Facilities Services | 330.335.2600

The Manager of Systems & Facilities is responsible for all things technological and infrastructural at Wadsworth Public Library. This department handles everything from custodial operations and minor maintenance to technology trouble-shooting and public assistance.