Beautiful Broken Girls

by Kim Savage

Sisters Mira and Francesca Cillo have drowned in the quarry of their sleepy New England town, leaving many unanswered questions among the residents. Ben, still in love with Mira, is understandably broken by the news of her passing. The two had drifted apart in recent months, and Ben had taken note of the sisters’ strange behavior in the days prior to the drownings. Mira has left a series of cryptic notes left for Ben in various places significant to their relationship, and the clues point to something more sinister than an accident. Ben embarks upon a grief-stricken examination of the days and months before the girls’ passing, hoping to uncover the truth about what really happened that night, and in doing so, is forced to face some difficult truths about himself.

Part detective story, part examination of grief, this beautifully crafted and heady novel is poetic and will appeal to fans of E. Lockhart.

Guide to Political Revolution

by Bernie Sanders

In this YA companion to his adult novel Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In, Bernie Sanders tackles many of the issues central to his 2016 Presidential campaign – health care, climate change, criminal justice reform, income inequality, immigration, and higher education are just a few of the topics covered in this comprehensive guide. Definitions of political terms are embedded in the text to help readers understand complex concepts. In addition to the examination of current topics, the guide includes general information about government, types of government, and answers to questions such as “What is Democracy?”

Guide to Political Revolution
works as a quick reference, with full-page infographics and statistics giving readers instant access to facts, or as an engaging narrative on the current political climate. Sanders’ passion for the political process is evident, giving this fact-heavy read a personal touch.

Long Way Down

by Jason Reynolds

Powerful and timely, this latest work by Reynolds is an emotional page-turner. Written in verse, Long Way Down details sixty breathtaking seconds in time -- the time it takes for the main character to take a “long way down” elevator ride. 15-year-old Will is drowning in grief over the murder of his older brother and filled with rage and the intent to avenge his death. During this elevator ride, he contemplates “the rules” -- the unwritten code followed by urban black men living in violent neighborhoods in order to survive their surroundings. With his brother’s gun strapped to his waist, Will debates within himself the consequences of his actions and the ripple effect it would have on his family and in the community. Is Will capable of breaking the cycle of violence, or will his grief and anger propel him into action?

This is a must-read for everyone covering many important themes, making it a great book for discussion.