Library cards are free for all residents of the State of Ohio. A valid photo ID in the form of a driver's license or State ID is required along with proof of current address (if not listed on your photo ID). Proof of address must be a utility bill, lease agreement or other comparable document. Library cards must be applied for in-person at this time. However, you are welcome to download and print your application below. 

We currently offer the following 4 types of Library Cards:

Get A Personal Library Card

The basic, traditional card for individual library patrons includes full borrowing privileges for circulating items, e-books and other downloadable content, remote access to databases and electronic services, use of public computers and computer printing, etc. The card can only be used and account can only be accessed by the named cardholder.

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Get A Family Library Card

A family card allows members living in the same household who are listed on the card to share their library privileges. Any member of the household listed on the card is permitted full access to the account, items borrowed on and the services available through the card.

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Get A Teacher Library Card

Ohio educators have the opportunity to obtain a Teacher Card as long as they have a Personal Card in good standing. Teachers must get a signature from their school administrator before a card will be given. Parents who homeschool their children can also get a Teacher Card with an “Excused from School Attendance” letter from the school district. The Teacher Card gives the educator the opportunity to keep most library items (excluding DVDs) for four weeks instead of the standard two. Materials checked out by the teacher must be used for classroom use only. Teacher card applications may be obtained at the Circulation Desk or by clicking here.

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Get An Institutional Library Card

An institutional card will be issued to any institution upon request. Applications may be obtained at the Circulation desk or by clicking here, and must be accompanied by a letter on the institution’s letterhead and signed by the appropriate authority granting the applying person permission to apply and agreeing that the institution accepts responsibility for all items borrowed on the card. Items checked out on an institutional card can be checked out for four weeks with the exception of DVDs. SearchOhio and OhioLink items may not be borrowed on an institutional card.

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