Journey's End

by Rachel Hawkins

Nolie Stanhope is excited to visit her father for the summer, but she isn’t so excited that the visit is in the farthest reaches of Scotland in a tiny town called Journey’s End. Her father is there studying a mysterious fog bank that no one can enter without disappearing. Nolie makes friends with Bel McKissick whose family runs a store in town. Surprising things begin to happen when they spot a boy who looks just like Albert MacLeish, a boy who disappeared in the fog a hundred years before. Realistic characters combine with mystery and a bit of spookiness for a great page turner.

Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves

by Kate T. Parker

“Girls get to be everything: tomboy, pretty, soft, and strong” - Logan, age 13

Get ready to be inspired! Whether you read this book cover to cover, start in the middle, or flip randomly through it, every page will engage and impress you. The book is filled cover to cover with truly beautiful photographs of fierce, artsy, loud, creative and unique girls of all ages with an inspiring quote from each one. From dancers to wrestlers to cancer survivors, each shows their unique perspective on the world and how to live in it in a fantastic, sometimes messy, sometimes beautiful way, but always with the message that all things are possible when you acknowledge and embrace who you are. So go ahead and get dirty and comb your hair later, get out there and live your life as you are, there is nobody who can do it like you!