Out of the Box

by Jemma Westing

Encourage the maker in your child with this new book published by Dorling Kindersley. Out of the Box provides step by step written and illustrated instructions for 25 cardboard engineering projects. Your child can create these projects as well as be inspired to come up with new projects on their own by learning some of these building techniques.

Compost Stew

by Mary McKenna Siddals

Picture book Compost Stew, written by former teacher Mary McKenna Siddals, presents a rhyming “A to Z recipe for the Earth” teaching young children about composting with stunningly realistic, captivating illustrations of watercolors and paper collage by Ashley Wolff. The combination of ABC verse with a catchy refrain, bright and colorful full-page spreads and personable characters engaged in activities through the seasons of the year will capture the interest and attention of readers. Little ones will enjoy the details of recycled and natural materials used by the illustrator, reflecting the natural world and depicting the idea of compost, engaging their different senses. This book is a beautiful read providing the knowledge for kids and families about ways to begin their very own compost pile and how their participation will help planet Earth.