The Sound of All Things

by Myron Uhlberg

This picture book is based on the author’s life. A hearing boy and his two deaf parents enjoy a day at Coney Island. They eat at a Chinese restaurant and then visit the library. The father longs to understand what things sound like and asks his son to describe sounds with sign language. The boy tires of coming up with the best words to describe sounds until a librarian shares a book of poetry with him that opens up a new avenue of finding descriptive words.

Shipwreck Island

by S. A. Bodeen

Sarah Robinson is very angry that her widowed father has remarried. Not only that, but she now has two step-brothers. Her dad and step-mother decide to take the new family on a special trip to Fiji where they will sail on a luxury sailboat to an island and get to know one another better. The trip doesn’t turn out as they plan because a terrible storm lands them without their skipper on a deserted island. But is it deserted? Strange sounds and bizarre animals appear, and Sarah and her family wonder how they will survive and return to civilization. Don’t miss this exciting adventure!