Some Writer! The Story of E. B. White

by Melissa Sweet

Probably most of us have heard of E. B. White, famed author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. But how much do you actually know about him as a man and a writer? In the simplest of terms, you could call this book about E. B. White a biography. But unlike some other biographies, this book goes beyond mere facts. It is packed full of pertinent biographic information, yes, but it also includes fabulous excerpts from his actual journals, pictures of his family, compelling quotes, and stories of his experiences. In truth, it is the stories - their authenticity and the humor in which they are told - that will bring this talented and beloved author to life. To further peak your interest, it is chock full of colorful illustrations, some drawn by E. B. himself. In the end, you will learn why he wrote, where he got his ideas, and how his life philosophies influenced his writing. Not only will you want to run out and read or re-read ALL of E. B. White’s books, you may also be inspired to write your one of your own .

Sign Language: A Novel

by Amy Ackley

Sign Language has nothing to do with American sign language, it is a heartbreakingly realistic look at 12 year old Abby North and her family and all that they go through when her father is diagnosed with cancer. Abby asks for signs from her magic 8 ball, mostly about how her crush feels about her. Abby wants to pretend her father is not ill, she doesn’t want to be “that girl” whose dad has cancer. Abby and her brother Josh both grow in different ways through the tragedy of losing their father. This is beautifully written and has lighthearted witty sections, but I can’t promise you won’t cry.

Surviving Middle School

by Luke Reynolds

Written in the language of middle schoolers (“like, can I borrow a pencil, home slice?”), author Luke Reynolds, a real life middle school English teacher, covers many topics that are relevant to a middle schooler; how to find your voice, advice about grades, relationships and love, and so much more. Part guided journaling, part self help and part advice, his writing style is as if he is talking to you, the reader, directly. He is funny, witty and sometimes almost painfully cheesy (but still funny nonetheless!). His useful and down to earth advice will make sense to even the most stubborn of tweens/teens, mostly because of the sincerity and truth in which it is written. This is a great read for students who have questions about what really goes on in middle school and also for the concerned parent who has questions about what really goes on in middle school!