Writing Radar

by Jack Gantos

From Newbery Medal Award winner and New York Times bestselling author, Jack Gantos, comes a refreshing non-fiction book for middle schoolers about using your journal (and other sneaky skills) to ferret out and create interesting stories. Students who have an interest in writing will appreciate Gantos' humor and ingenious tips to help young writers make a beginning, because, after all, that can be the hardest part! Using skills of his trade (and telling the reader while he’s doing it) as well as reiterating relevant tips (ie, the key to getting ideas is to be a good listener) he not only captures the reader’s interest but leaves a rabbit trail of healthy writing tips along the way. So if you are ready to learn from a master, pick up Writing Radar and let your imagination do the rest. by Laurie Doran

Genevieve's War

by Patricia Reilly Giff

Patricia Reilly Giff has a beautiful way of bringing history to life. A young girl named Genevieve is visiting her grandmother in France when World War II begins. She and her grandmother are forced to house German soldiers who take their food, farm animals, and anything else they deem valuable. They must tolerate the enemy invading their country and home in order to survive. In August of 1939, Genevieve’s grandmother provides a chance for her to escape back to New York. But will Genevieve take the opportunity or stay with her grandmother? Readers will get a glimpse of what it was like for someone to live during World War II. by Julie Tenney

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny - Detectives Extraordinaire

by Horvath, Polly

After moving to a new home, Mrs. Bunny talks Mr. Bunny into becoming detectives. Their first case comes along right away in the form of a human. Madeline’s parents have been kidnapped, and she has only a couple of clues, but it seems as though foxes may be involved. Who better to help her track down her parents and the kidnappers than Mr. and Mrs. Bunny? Don’t miss this hilarious adventure full of wonderful, quirky characters. by Donna Gnatowski