Explore a Hobby - Learning a Language

May 2 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Whether you’re wanting to keep your foreign language coursework fresh over summer break, or just keen to pick up another language for fun, this program is for you. Learn to use Rosetta Stone language learning software to sharpen your skills or start from scratch. Rosetta Stone is a comprehensive program allowing you to not only learn a language, but also about the geography and culture of the countries in which a particular language is spoken. Explore exercises of varying difficulty and, using a microphone, evaluate your skill with conversation. With Rosetta Stone, soon you’ll be on your way to fluency.

Explore a Hobby - Learning a Language
Program Student Programs
Location Children's Activity Room
Ages 12-18
Department Children's, Youth & Outreach Services
Contact Number 330.335.1295
Registration Ended 05/03/17
Status Closed