Book and Multimedia Discussion

Novel Ideas

Enjoy a monthly gathering of readers for a book discussion led by Library staff.

The Book Was Better

Join us for a lively discussion on what was done well and what missed the mark when the book world and movie world collide. Bring your opinions.

Monday Night Intrigue

True crime books have evolved from illicit drugstore pulp to well researched texts documenting some of the horrors of society. The Library’s new book club, Monday Night Intrigue, offers patrons an opportunity to dive into the seedy underbelly of human behavior and flex your armchair detective skills. Join Library staff who will lead your journey into the stories that will sometimes chill you to the bone. Library staff will coordinate reserving books for registered patrons. Contact the Reference Desk at 330.335.1294 to register for the new book club opportunity!

Enrichment and Lifelong Learning

The Arts Series

Our Arts series offers patrons the opportunity to get creative. Whether it’s a hands-on lesson, a demonstration from a local craftsman, or an artist’s presentation, this series offers something for everyone.

Art Show

Open to patrons of the Library, each season will bring a new opportunity for artists to display their talents.


Movie Matinee @ The Library

In collaboration with the Center for Older Adults, the library shows a recently released move on the first Monday of the month. Join us for popcorn and a movie! To reserve space, please call the Soprema Senior Center at 330 335 1513.

Live @ The Library

An eclectic mix of free music and live performances

Trivia Night at the Library

Trivia Night at the Library is an all ages event where teams made up of family and friends can compete answering general knowledge and pop culture questions. Join us for an evening of fierce, but fun, competition.


Wadsworth Area Historical Society

Wadsworth is rich with history giving the Library and the Wadsworth Historical Society an opportunity to revisit some of those wonderful times.

Genealogy Club

Local genealogists gather bi-weekly to learn the best approach to explore their family trees.

Lectures and Ideas

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series explores a wide variety of topics with the intention of sparking community interest and motivating learning in unexpected ways. Our goal is to offer something for everyone!

Wild Ideas

Sometimes things don't fit into a nice box. This series gives patrons the opportunity to explore ideas that maybe aren't part of the everyday.