Reclaiming Conversations: The Power of Talk in the Digital Age

by Sherry Turkle

Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle

The power of talk that concerns Sherry Turkle in the digital age includes conversations between people and the solitary dialogue that we must engage within ourselves to gain perspective and self-understanding. A professor of Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, and a trail-blazing observer and critic of our emergent digitally-driven culture, Turkle is uniquely qualified to expand the conversation on conversation in the digital age.

What does it mean to talk in the digital age? To Turkle, conversation is the most human and humanizing thing we do. In exploring the central question of the books, she leads readers through a critical yet upbeat and hopeful look at recent and not-so-recent advances in communication technologies, beginning with the self-talk of solitary reflection and concluding with the wide open spaces of 21st century collaborative and social media.