Mission:  With care for every person, Wadsworth Public Library centers our community's commitment to lifelong curiosity, learning and reading.

wadsworth public library

Wadsworth Public Library is an independent public library serving the Wadsworth area, city, and township. The Library is primarily funded by proceeds from two local operating levies and a set percentage of state income tax revenue known as the Public Library Fund (PLF).

A seven-member Board of Trustees governs the Library. By Ohio law, each trustee serves a seven-year term. The Library's taxing authority is the Wadsworth City Board of Education, which approves selection of Library board members and which, at the Library's request, may place ballot issues before the public.

Ohio’s public libraries are renowned, both nationally and internationally, for their consistently high rankings and Wadsworth Public Library has itself ranked among the top 10 public libraries in its population category and has received the Ohio Library Council’s Innovation Award. At a time of general decline in library use, patron engagement is on the rise at Wadsworth Public Library, galvanized by strong public support and an evolving mix of collections, programs and services.

The Library is a member of the Search Ohio group of resource-sharing libraries which includes library systems from around Ohio, and OhioLINK, a network of Ohio's college and university libraries.