For over a year, the Library’s administration, staff and Board of trustees have been working to update policies and procedures to better support patron needs and library usage trends. This is an overview of the most impactful changes, the rationale behind them, and how those changes impact patrons. In all of these changes, our goal is simply to create a model and atmosphere of service that maximizes the value of Wadsworth Public Library for our community.

All of these changes go into effect in January of 2018.

1) Universal Service Procedures

Staff at each public service desk will be able to help you with your most common library questions and needs. Redirects between departments and service desks will be drastically reduced. See details

2) Standard Loan Period for all WPL Owned-Items

Everything you borrow that is owned by Wadsworth Public Library will have a 14 day loan period. See details

3) Transition from Family Cards to Individual Cards

New library cardholders of all ages will have their own card, unless a parent or legal guardian chooses to borrow items for their minor child on their card. Parents or legal guardians will have the option of registering a minor patron for library card with computer and format restrictions. For example, a parent can decide to restrict their minor child’s card by controlling access to computers, DVDs, CDs, and other items. See details

4) Age Restrictions in Spaces Designated for Minors

There are two areas in the Library that are currently designed to specifically meet the needs of children and youth at specific developmental life stages. Our entire second floor is dedicated to our community’s youngest citizens, from birth through the early teenage years. We also have a space on the first floor called the LOFT, or Library Outlet for Teens, dedicated for patrons ages 12 through 17. Minor patrons and adults procuring items or library services for them are able to use these spaces. Adults without a youth-specific library purpose who are not otherwise accessing the collections in those areas will be welcome to use the many other areas throughout the building dedicated available to them. See details

5) Study Rooms by Reservation

Patrons 15 years and older possessing a valid library card in good-standing will be able to reserve study rooms for up to 2 hours per day. In the event that the room is not needed at the end of their reservation, they will be able to remain until another patron reserves the room. Study rooms are for strictly non-commercial use. See details