Public Libraries Facing Funding Reductions on Two Fronts: State and Federal

Governor Kasich Proposes Cuts to the Public Library Fund

Governor's budget would reduce the Public Library Fund (PLF) from 1.7% to 1.66% of the State's General Revenue Fund receipts.

The PLF accounts for 33% of Wadsworth Public Library's annual operating revenue. This funding source provides general revenue to the Library that supports operating hours, collections of books and other circulating materials, investments in technology. 

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Details About Proposed State Funding Reductions

Dear Residents,

We are very appreciative here at the Wadsworth Public Library for the support we receive from our patrons through state funding, local property taxes, and your generous donations to the Friends of Wadsworth Public Library and Wadsworth Public Library Foundation. We would not be able to serve you at the current level without your support.

I want to share information with you about the present status of funding for Ohio’s public libraries. At the state level, we are fortunate to be funded through the Public Library Fund (PLF), which receives a percentage of the state’s tax revenues from the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF). Revenue sources for the GRF include the state personal income tax, sales and use tax, business taxes, etc.

The PLF is currently set at 1.7% of the GRF, but it will be automatically reduced to 1.66% on July 1, 2017. This will cut state funding for Ohio's public libraries.

The Ohio Library Council (OLC) is working with Ohio’s public libraries to educate members of the Ohio General Assembly and those that will be elected in November on the status of our state funding. We know that Ohioans value their public libraries and that public libraries create opportunities and transform lives. We will be working with the OLC during the next several months to protect state funding for Ohio's public libraries. I will keep you posted with updates as we work through this process.

Thank you again for your support; it is truly a joy to serve the people of the Wadsworth area.


Daniel Slife
Wadsworth Public Library

President Trump Proposes Elimination of Institute of Museum and Libraries Services Department

While Wadsworth Public Library doesn't receive direct aid from the Federal Government, numerous statewide collaborations, particularly those organized around shared technological resources, e-books, digital content, databases and other services, would be significantly impacted by the elimination of Institute of Museum and Library Services.

What will this mean for Wadsworth Public Library? The potential for significant increases in costs associated with e-books, web-based career development programs, databases, and a myriad of other services offered through our partnership with the State Library of Ohio, OPLIN (Ohio Public Library Information Network)

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